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The logo

The spiral object being used as a logo on all the pages of this website is the creation of Simon Thomas who was artist in residence at the Department of Mathematics in 2002.

Hyperconic progressions using the extruded perpendicular curve system, by Simon Thomas.

This particular sculpture was part of a series of several works related to the attempt to describe space in efficient ways. Simon developed what he called "The Extruded Perpendicular Curve System, with Twist".

Simon developed several other works of art during his residence at the Department of Mathematics, exploring geometry and space from the point of view of an artist, but in relation to his daily interactions with mathematicians. He studied the geometry of foam (e.g., soap bubbles) and space filling networks — the latter culminated in a sculpture "Code-connection" which is installed in the garden of the Mathematics building.


Web site development and maintenance

Code-Connection, by Simon Thomas.

This website was developed on 1st November 2006. Design concepts, overall look and feel, and style sheet code production were contracted to Nameless Media. Content copy writing was entrusted to Andrew Charlesworth. Faculty photographs are by Paul Groom. Special thanks to Peter Burton, Bob Cregan, John Griffin and Hugo Ritter.

The head of department is the executive editor. There is one web editor for each of the three groups: applied, pure and statistics. One of them also serves as managing editor, oversees production and liaises with the computer officers on feature development and code production. Each staff member is responsible for his/her own personal web space.

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Staff can update their publications, funded projects (grants), seminar dates and other events through the web interface to the Department's content management system (CMS).